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We Have Been Serving the Aquatic Sports Industry in Jackson Hole Wyoming Since 1979

SalesWe stock the latest and most up to date dive equipment in the area.  We are proud to sell name brand equipment such as Oceanic, Underwater Kinetics, Deep Sea and many more.

Sales Our knowledgeable staff is always more than happy to assist you in selecting your equipment for proper fit, size and needs.
PoolThe facility also has on site our own heated indoor pool for instructional service for your comfort and convenience while earning your certification.  Shower facilities are located adjacent to the pool for your convenience.
Pool Available is a large and complete inventory of rental equipment available for your diving Safety and pleasure.
RepairsOur personnel have been factory trained and certified to perform any and all repairs on equipment from basic suit repair to complete regulator rebuild and repair.  We Service what we sell.
Compressor Air is supplied by a 15 Cfm American Bristol compressor in house and portable compressors from 24Cfm down.  All have regularly scheduled air samples taken to assure the quality of breathing air.  Nitrox is also available if so desired.

Donald Perkins Our Staff consists Of Captain Donald S. Perkins, who has been the owner and operator of Teton Aquatic Supply since its inception.  He is a PADI #13660 Master Scuba Diver Trainer Certified Instructor and has been teaching classes in Wyoming and Idaho since 1979.  He attended the PADI College, located in San Diego to receive his  Instructor certification and has placed himself as one of the premier instructors in the PADI organization.

Tom Bryan Tom Bryan, PADI Instructor #18886 is the on site instructor and Store Manager.  He earned his Instructors certificate in 1985 and has been teaching classes since then.  Tom is extremely knowledgeable in diving equipment, diving safety and practices.  His High Altitude diving training enables him to properly instruct safe diving at high altitudes encountered in Wyoming.

Ralph Ralph Greene, Jr. Padi Master Instructor # 52367.
 Ralph recently moved to Star Valley, Wyoming from Central Pennsylvania. He started diving in 1986 and became an Instructor in 1992. Ralph teaches a variety of PADI course and specializes in teaching the Dive Master course. Wreck diving is another interest of Ralphs along with his interest and knowledge in Sharks. Ralph has sometimes been called the "Shark Man" as he has dove with a large variety and numbers of sharks.

Sarah Coleman Sarah Coleman, our resident equipment expert has been with the company since 1986.  Her responsibilities are to see to it that you have the best selection of equipment available.  Her knowledge of Travel, Equipment, and Schedules is an invaluable asset to the company.

Teton Aquatic Supply is not limited to only selling equipment and teaching students.  We have on site our own hydo plant for the maintenance of SCUBA tanks.  We do salvage work, video inspection, underwater construction, underwater recovery.

We also offer travel opportunities for those wishing to visit exotic dive sites worldwide. 

Our experience and knowledge of diving in the Yellowstone area is unsurpassed.  Whether diving the lakes or rivers in the National Parks, located near us, or diving the numerous lakes and rivers in Wyoming, please feel free to contact us with your questions and you needs.

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